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While the owners of many small to mid-size businesses prefer to handle their own books, others choose prefer the no stress, no mess option of, hiring experienced professionals to handle the intricate financial detail of their company. For these growing companies, Adagio Accounting Software is the ideal choice.

A comprehensive system that offers technical capabilities beyond those of starter programs like QuickBooks or Sage 50, Adagio is perfect for handling large volumes of transactions with ease. The program also allows for flexible transaction posting and offers customization that will accurately provide the financial information needed by owners, managers, boards of trustees, auditors, and others.

Product Features

Available in a cloud version or platform version, Adagio Accounting Software is ideal for businesses and organizations that manage anywhere from $2 million to $100 million in sales/revenue. Perfect for all types of industries as well as non-profits, Adagio not only handles significant transaction volume with ease but also offers more functions than entry-level accounting software, all at only a slightly higher cost. Features include:

  • Flexible transaction posting – Accountants/bookkeepers will be able to post to both prior and future periods, unlike some starter programs, which only allow transactions to be posted to the current date.
  • Batch processing – Unlike other software solutions, Adagio can process transactions in groups – or “batches” – rather than just one-by-one in real time. Batch processing saves time and helps prevent errors.
  • Customization of reports – Entry-level accounting software such as QuickBooks offers only standard reports, and because of that, new types of reports can’t be created. With Adagio, accountants can craft customized reports required for reviews, audits, tax purposes, and more. Clients who use Adagio consider this to be one of the software’s most valuable features.
  • Affordability – Adagio costs just a little more than entry-level accounting programs but provides the functionality and technical capabilities found in more expensive, high-end accounting software. And discounts are available when multiple modules are purchased!

Adagio also works with third-party products to enhance its capabilities, including:

Dakota Software, developers of:

Lenmax Software Solutions, developers of:

  • Wireless Warehouse Management for Adagio Accounting, a sophisticated WWMS that integrates seamlessly with Adagio’s Operational Suite (Inventory and Order Entry). This unique product provides a complete inventory management and stock location solution for small to medium size businesses.
  • EDI Translator for Adagio provides 100% automated integration with Adagio Inventory, Order Entry and Receivables, eliminating manual data import and export. It translates valid EDI X12 ASCII files into Adagio recognizable documents such as Sales Orders.

PayDirt Payroll, fully integrated Canadian Payroll for Adagio:

  • The company’s Pro and Lite systems enable Canadian companies to properly calculate payroll, resulting in fewer employee complaints or other payroll-related issues.


  • Telpay for Business allows you to pay 100% of your suppliers, employees, remittances and international payments all from one easy-to-use system.

Companies Served

A variety of businesses and industries, as well as private or public organizations, can successfully use Adagio software.

Some of our current customers include:

  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Retail store equipment sales
  • Private educational institutions
  • Trailer parks
  • Not-for-profit agencies


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